"Hard Work Has Made It Easy. That Is My Secret. That Is Why I Win."
Sep 10, 2014 | CATEGORY: Random Stuff
Yesterday, a few of us went over to a client’s office to conduct some team training on our content management system, Flow. Training clients on Flow is always the same: we briefly show everyone how it works, they exclaim about how easy it is to use, and then they shoo us out of the way so they can play and explore around the system. It’s always funny (and rewarding) to hear clients enthuse about how easy Flow is to use, considering how difficult it was for us to create.

Our programming team spent a LOT of time and effort developing Flow. We could have built all our sites to respond to an off-the-shelf content management system, which would have been infinitely more easy on our programmers, but we took the harder path because we knew it would ultimately make things so much easier for our clients. As it turns out, this was a very wise move on our part. Taking the time to build our own CMS has given us the ability to customize that system to the individual needs of every client. It gives our clients more control over their websites, and it allows them to answer their own questions by exploring around an intuitive program that corresponds perfectly to the front end of their individual sites.

But Flow doesn’t only benefit our clients. It’s also responsible for a large volume of the business that comes in our door. Many of our clients come to us not for their first website, but for a replacement site to take over from the confusing and unworkable mess they’ve been saddled with after choosing to work with an off-the-shelf CMS. We frequently hear not only enthusiasm for how much easier Flow is to use than their previous systems, but also frustration at having spent so much time wrestling with an unwieldy CMS, never knowing that a simple, customized solution was out there all along.

If your current website is difficult to update, change, and grow, give us a call. We’ve already done the bulk of the hard work, so you don’t have to.

(Today’s title quote courtesy of Nadia Comaneci.)
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