What is FLOW?

The FLOW Content Management System (CMS) is an easy-to-use web application that allows your company to maintain control of your website and online identity. With FLOW, you can quickly update or copy images and other elements of your website without any programming knowledge. It’s also web based so you can make these changes from anywhere in the world. You can add or delete pages with just a few clicks. By managing these aspects of your website with the Content Management System, it not only makes it possible to complete timely updates but also ensures a cost-effective solution that successfully meets your online needs.

FLOW was designed using the AJAX programming language. What this means to you as a user is it’s easy to use and offers flexible options. Using AJAX as the backbone of FLOW allows features not available to other Content Management Systems. These features include drag & drop, multiple (batch) uploading of files, instant full site backups, no refreshing of content, better security to protect your information and the ability to post time-sensitive information.

Included FLOW Features:
  • Ability to add / edit / delete any page on your site.
  • Sort pages and photos with drag & drop.
  • Asset managers to control photos, videos and documents.
  • Manage news, events, careers, testimonials, and FAQ's
  • Control your SEO keywords and descriptions.
  • Easy to add custom designed modules.
  • Integrated social media with Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
  • 1-click RSS publishing.
  • Revision history and the option to revert back changes.
  • Multiple file uploads.
  • Auto-generate META keywords based on your content.
  • Automated logs of all page changes and edits.
  • Schedule content to be displayed during specified times.
  • Custom 404 handling.
  • Automatic updates pushed from Amplify Servers.
  • Recent Quick Links & pages visited.
  • Auto generated site map of your site.
  • Request and download a full backup of your website.
  • Full security management for all users.
  • Fully customized dashboard.
  • Unlimited Document Storage

Available Upgrades:

  • MLS Integration
  • Newsletter Distribution System
  • Lead Generation Forms
  • Dynamic Employee Directory
  • Digital Application Forms
  • Geo-location Specific Content
  • Request a Quote/Contact Forms
  • XML/JSON Exports for Web Developers
  • Residential Manager Logins
  • Membership management
  • Direct connetion to your third party software.
  • and much more