"To Sustain Longevity, You Have to Evolve"
May 12, 2014 | CATEGORY: Site Launches
It’s a big day here at Amplify Media, as we unveil our completely redesigned website at http://www.amplifymedia.ca/. We’ve been working on our new site for some time now, as we’ve juggled the demands of our ongoing client projects with the necessity of keeping our own site as fresh, current, and technologically innovative as possible. While the overall design has changed, some of the biggest technical improvements aren’t visible to most users. Our new site is completely Flash-free, just like all of the client sites that we’ve built within the last three years. This ensures that our site will display perfectly on all tablets and smart phones. It’s also fully W3C compliant, and has been fully tested to ensure proper display and functionality in 125 different web browsers.

As for the more visible changes, the new site is sleeker and brighter, and we’ve replaced our previous black theme with a more energizing and welcoming blue, white and grey palette. Our portfolio page has also been greatly enhanced. It now displays large landing page photos for each site, along with a list of the specific Amplify services employed on each project. The services page has also been expanded, to offer detailed information on each of the areas of expertise that we specialize in here at Amplify Media.

The other big visible change is the addition of a blog to our new site. The blog will replace Amplify’s Facebook page as our primary platform for daily communication. Blog posts will still be linked through to our Twitter and Facebook pages, but by publishing content directly through our website we’ll be able to post more detailed articles with more attached pictures and videos. A very important side effect of publishing on our own site is that daily site changes will attract more frequent attention from search engines. Having our site indexed by Google and co. more frequently will help ensure that anyone searching for web developers in Halifax will be more likely to find our website listed at or near the very top of their search results.

We’re obviously excited about our new site, and we’re equally excited to hear your feedback on all the changes that we’ve made. So please, take a minute to explore the new www.amplifymedia.ca, and then drop us a line at info@amplifymedia.ca to let us know what you think. As with every Amplify-built website, our new site is incredibly easy to update and change, so if you have a suggestion that you think would improve our new site, please send it on. Your suggestion will likely be implemented in short order as we continue our efforts to craft the most efficient, innovative, and intuitive websites for our clients, and for ourselves.

(Today's title quote courtesy of Aries Spears.)
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