"Motivation Will Almost Always Beat Mere Talent"
Aug 18, 2014 | CATEGORY: Motivation Monday
Last week, some of the Amplify team were able to attend an event that was so full of motivation and motivated individuals that we’ve created Motivation Monday on our blog just to give them a shout-out. The event, very kindly hosted by the folks at beautiful King’s Wharf, was the first jointly organized networking event held by Fusion Halifax and the Dartmouth Young Professionals.

Anyone who’s read our blog knows that we’re big fans of both of these groups, and seeing them work together was an absolute treat. There were so many dedicated, talented individuals gathered in one place to acknowledge the problems that face our communities and our economy, and to lay the groundwork towards finding long lasting solutions to these issues. These are all smart people, so no one was under the illusion that we would fix every problem in one evening. But seeing so many people commit to working to the betterment of our community, even knowing that it will take a lot of time and effort, was motivating and very inspiring.

We love living and working in Dartmouth, and we’re committed to building a brighter future for our community. If you need some motivation to become more active in shaping the future of your community, contact Fusion or the Dartmouth Young Professionals today. If you live in the area, they’ll put you on the right track immediately. And if you aren’t from our fair city, they’ll give you a world of ideas on how to make life better in your community.

(Today’s title quote courtesy of Norman Ralph Augustine.)

Click here for more information on Fusion, and here for more information on the Dartmouth Young Professionals.
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