"If You Fall, I'll Be There"
Aug 14, 2014 | CATEGORY: Client News
As you would imagine, working in web development gets a lot of the Amplify team labelled as geeks or computer nerds. There’s a fair amount of truth to this, and we certainly don’t see geek or nerd as derogatory terms, so we don’t really mind when people see us this way. But when we get to interact with people who are real geeks, even more than we are, that’s awfully refreshing. And that’s why we always love visiting our clients at Taylor Flooring.

Now when you think of a flooring company, you probably don’t think of geeks or nerds, but you would be wrong. The people at Taylor Flooring are flooring geeks, in the best sense of the word. Everyone we’ve ever met at Taylor’s Dartmouth and Halifax showrooms has been a huge flooring nerd, in that they know absolutely everything you could ever hope to know about every possible kind of flooring. Overhearing a Taylor salesperson talking to a customer, they speak in plain English and explain every detail patiently and easily. But if you overhear a conversation between two salespeople, it can be as impenetrable as conversations between our developers can be when they get excited talking about coding languages.

The depth of technical knowledge and experience at Taylor is very impressive, but the ability to translate that into plain and accessible terms for clients is a real talent. It’s something we do frequently here at Amplify, and it’s nice to see other businesses doing it so well.

(Today’s title quote courtesy of the floor.)
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