“Growth Is Never By Mere Chance; It Is The Result Of Forces Working Together”
Aug 13, 2014 | CATEGORY: Client News
This week on the Amplify blog we’ve been talking about visits to our clients’ workplaces, and today we’re looking at a client site that has undergone immense changes in the past year. We knew last winter that Dartmouth-based Survival Systems Limited was partnering with the Danish company Falck Safety Services, but we had no idea just what impressive changes would result from this partnership. When we visited SSL in the spring, we found that they had almost doubled their facility space at their Orion Court location. By all accounts business is booming at Survival Systems Limited, and judging from the amount of busy people we saw working and training in their expanded location we’re pretty sure those accounts aren’t exaggerating.

We’re always excited to see our clients grow and prosper. There’s a selfish reason for this of course, as growing companies frequently need new websites, new marketing strategies, and new branding work that all brings more business to our door and helps us grow as well. But there’s also more altruistic reasons for our excitement. We see every day the hard work and dedication that all of our clients bring to their business endeavours. Seeing that hard work pay off gives us hope for our community and our economy, and it inspires us to work even harder.

(Today’s title quote courtesy of James Cash Penney.)
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