"The Thrill of Coming Home Has Never Changed"
Aug 12, 2014 | CATEGORY: Client News
We wrote yesterday about how nice it was to drop in unexpectedly on a client and find them busier than we’d ever imagined. It was a fun surprise, but not all client visits need to be surprising to be fun and well worth the trip. Take Rooftight for example. Rooftight has been our client for four years, and in that time we’ve had plenty of opportunities to visit their show home in Fall River, Nova Scotia. At this point we’re not exactly surprised by the incredible design work and intense attention to detail that mark a Rooftight home, but we’re still incredibly impressed every time we visit.

One of the things that makes working with Rooftight so great is that we’re on the same page when it comes to valuing efficiency and user-friendliness in good design. We each know that the final product must be beautiful, but we’re also completely in agreement that beauty isn’t worth much if it’s not matched in functionality and ease of use. Everything we see when we visit one of Rooftight’s homes is designed to maximize usable space, while maintaining a bright, airy, and inviting atmosphere. It’s design based on the same principles we try to adhere to in all of our work.

Sharing an appreciation for useful, beautiful, and creative design makes any collaboration with Rooftight a fun and productive endeavour. It’s a pleasure to have them as a client, and it’s always a thrill to visit them and see what new home features they’ve perfected.

(Today’s title quote courtesy of Guy Pearce.)
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