"Success Usually Comes To Those Who Are Too Busy To Be Looking For It"
Aug 11, 2014 | CATEGORY: Client News
One of the strange things about working in a digital industry is that long periods of time can pass where we don’t see a client in person. We may talk frequently by phone and collaborate on projects by email, but sometimes months can go by before we able to interact in person. While this usually doesn’t cause any problems, it does frequently lead to surprises.

When we stopped in to see our clients at Diesel and Auto Electric this week, we were in for quite a surprise. We talk with our contacts at D&AE fairly frequently, but we don’t get a chance to stop by their Burnside location as often as we’d like. Stopping in this week what surprised us was just how BUSY the location was. We knew from their website traffic alone that business must be good, but we had no idea just how good.

We wish we could see all of our clients in person more often than we do, but not seeing them every day does tend to make our onsite visits more special for us. They give us a better perspective on the business, and they give us a chance to meet and talk with our clients’ employees and customers. And, more often than not, they give us a chance to see just how wildly successful our clients have become.

(Today’s title quote courtesy of Henry David Thoreau.)
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